3 business tech options to bet big on in 2022

For more than forty years, businesses have been rushing to adopt an ever-expanding array of technologies to stay ahead of the competition. It started with the adoption of personal computers in the early 1980s and continues today with the widespread use of video conferencing tools like Zoom and collaboration platforms like Slack. And all along, the key to success was timing technology adoption for maximum effect.

But to do that, business leaders need to keep a pulse on the tech world to discern what the next big thing might be. And that’s no small task. After all, the tech industry is notorious for coming up with questionable products from time to time. Fortunately, however, there are a few occasions when it’s clear that a particular type of enterprise technology will soon be indispensable. And to help businesses stay ahead of the game, here are the three enterprise technology options to bet big on in 2022.

Employee Monitoring Technology

Although a touchy subject, especially for workers, employee monitoring technology is quickly becoming a must-have for modern businesses. The reason is simple. Business success is as much about productivity as it is about innovation, and many distractions conspire to distract employees.

This is where an employee tracking platform comes in handy. They give employers unprecedented insight into how workers spend their working time. From simply tracking time spent on tasks to monitoring web usage, managers can see how employees are using their time and look for ways to improve workflows. This way, companies can improve their overall productivity and optimize their labor costs at the same time.

social selling software

For better or worse, social media has played a central role in the marketing and sales operations of today’s businesses. But selling on social networks is not easy. With multiple platforms to cover and different audiences and tastes for each, maximizing social media sales takes a lot of focus and effort.

But there is technology available to help any business – from e-commerce and other electronic businesses to brick-and-mortar retailers – make the most of their social selling opportunities. The tools available can help you with everything from audience targeting to post management and everything in between. And on top of that, businesses can take a blended adoption approach, building a custom toolkit with the best the field has to offer.

Digital Advertising Tools

Social selling isn’t the only way for modern businesses to reach their online audience. They also do this by spending substantial sums on digital advertising across a wide swath of the digital landscape. But in recent years, marketing experts have started advising businesses – and especially small businesses – that digital advertising just isn’t worth it.

But what these experts overlook is the fact that many companies that have poor digital advertising results are not using the latest digital advertising tools. The fact is, today’s digital advertising landscape is cluttered, unforgiving, and expensive. And ad platforms use AI-powered algorithms that tend to favor companies that spend the most money.

However, to cut through all the noise, businesses can and should equip themselves with the latest digital advertising tools. They can improve their chances of getting a high digital ad ROI by using things like AI-powered programmatic advertising tools, software to automate things like Facebook ad comment monitoring, and utilities to refine their sales funnels to get the most out of every ad click. Those that do will continue to thrive on digital advertising as the competition retreats from the market.

Takeaway meals

The great race to stay ahead of the technology curve is not something any company can afford to lose. But to beat the odds, they need to prioritize their technology investments to prioritize those most likely to generate net value. And the three types of technologies detailed here represent perfect examples.

They can improve productivity, increase sales, and increase return on advertising spend, all of which can have an immediate and pronounced effect on a company’s bottom line. And together, they represent the kinds of must-have investments companies should make. And that’s why these are the technologies to bet on in 2022. Although the truth is that they are not a bet at all, they are more like a sure thing.

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