3M, Innovative Automation Unveils Robotic Tape System

The RoboTape design can be integrated on small or large industrial robots or cobots.


3M and Innovative Automation have collaborated on an automated solution for tape applications for industrial manufacturers looking for precision, repeatability and high throughput.

This collaboration between 3M and Innovative Automation provides a way to precisely apply 3M tapes for high-volume applications at production speeds that may not be achievable with manual tape application. The system has been optimized to meet manufacturing requirements, while providing additional functionality to streamline operation and maintenance.

The RoboTape System for 3M Tape includes the following features:

  • Preconfigured and optimized for a variety of 3M VHB tapes.
  • Includes the reel – or unwind stand – capable of changing reels without downtime, a patent-pending feed system and a lightweight application head.
  • Flexible design that can be integrated on small or large industrial robots or cobots from a variety of robot OEMs to meet customer preferences.
  • Adjustable for foam, felt and fixing tapes.
  • Uses level wound rolls of 3M VHB tape to achieve extended run times and minimize material handling.

The launch of the co-branded system with Innovative Automation offers a new solution for customers turning to automation and looking to increase the productivity of their operations.

“This system gives us the opportunity to combine our unique experience in technology and automation with 3M’s bonding expertise in a way that helps customers looking to improve their production capabilities. We are excited to see how this collaboration with 3M will move the industry forward. said Steve Loftus, founder of Innovative Automation.

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