Adam Blitzer, Enterprise Technology Leader, Joins Calendly Board of Directors

Join David Cummings of Atlanta Ventures and Blake Ballett of OpenView Venture Partners to optimize PLG strategies and grow the business

ATLANTA-(BUSINESS WIRE)–Calendarly, the leading scheduling platform for high-performing teams and individuals, today announced the appointment of Adam Blitzer, COO of leading observability platform Datadog, as a member of its board of directors. Blitzer has partnered with Calendly Founder and CEO Tope Avotona and venture capitalists David Cummings and Blake Bartlett to help Calendly provide teams and organizations with a one-stop-shop for outsourced programming.

“Calendly is one of those special companies that has a clear halo effect, and with its significant growth and track record, Tope Awotona has an incredible product and market vision and mission as the company transitions from consumer to business,” said Adam Blitzer, Datadog’s Chief Executive Officer. “As a startup founder myself, I love working with entrepreneurs who clearly understand that they’re going to be instrumental in shaping the future of SaaS and work — and Tope did that quickly. recognized.

Adam Blitzer, a B2B SaaS veteran, is the COO of Datadog, the leading cloud-scale application observability service that provides monitoring of servers, databases, tools and services through the SaaS platform . Prior to Datadog, he was Executive Vice President and General Manager of Digital Solutions at Salesforce, the world’s #1 CRM platform.

Calendly’s goal is to help organizations increase revenue, increase customer loyalty, increase leads, and more through effective scheduling and improved meetings. Cummings, Bartlett and Blitzer’s vision is to advance the market, improve products to meet the demands of a hybrid workforce, maximize product-based development strategies, and enable businesses and teams of all sizes to be integrated into a unique customer experience. Programming will be essential to provide the platform.

Tope Avotona, Founder and CEO of Calendly, said, “Adam’s experience in marketing and sales automation and the B2B buyer journey aligns well with our goal of providing the right solutions for our diverse customer base. “Together, we will leverage this experience and create a superior customer experience so our customers have everything they need to get the most out of their meetings.”

“The platform transcends B2B and B2C, and that’s rare in enterprise software,” Blitzer continued. “Programming is a huge opportunity for all knowledge workers around the world.”

About David Cummings and Blake Bartlett

David Cummings is an Atlanta tech entrepreneur who founded 10 companies that employ thousands of people, including Pardot, SalesLoft, and Terminus. He is also the founder of Atlanta Tech Village – the fourth largest technology center in the United States – and the main investor in Calendly. Blake Bartelt is a partner at Openview Ventures, which he joined in 2013, and has led investments in companies including Calendly, HighSpot, Expensify, PostScript and Cypress. In 2016, Blake personally coined the term “product-based development”, and he remains a thought leader in the community, following his embrace of PLG as the future of software.

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