Boeing launches the Air Force’s first T-7A Red Hawk

The first T-7A Red Hawk advanced trainer rolled out of the production plant in St. Louis, Missouri.

Eric Shindelbower

Boeing has unveiled the first T-7A Red Hawk advanced trainer to be delivered to the US Air Force. The jet, one of 351 the US Air Force plans to order, was unveiled ahead of official delivery.

The fully digitally designed aircraft was built and tested using state-of-the-art manufacturing, agile software development and digital engineering technology, dramatically reducing the time from design to first flight. The aircraft also features open-architecture software, providing growth and flexibility to meet future mission needs.

The T-7A Red Hawk incorporates a red tail livery in honor of Tuskegee Airmen of World War II. These airmen formed the first African-American aviation unit to serve in the United States military.

The aircraft will remain in Saint-Louis where it will undergo ground and flight tests before being delivered to the US Air Force. The T-7A program resides at Boeing’s facilities in St. Louis, with the rear part of the trainer being built by Saab in Linkoping, Sweden. Saab will soon begin producing this section at its new production facility in West Lafayette, Indiana.

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