Crave InfoTech’s SAP Enterprise Technology Platform (BTP) Roundtable

PUNE, India and PISCATAWAY, NJ, September 14, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Crave InfoTech has launched its SAP Business Technology Platform (BTP) roundtable. This is a series of 6 round tables spread over the second half of 2022. This 3rd The session focuses on SAP BTP, side-by-side extensions and core cleanliness. This roundtable would take place virtually and is scheduled for 21st September 2022. Dignitaries from SAP and industry leaders like Domino’s would be in attendance.

The roundtable is designed with the goal of pushing the boundaries of a truly intelligent platform through SAP BTP, supported by real industry use cases. How can a company increase overall process and operations efficiency by (approximately) 35% and improve user adoption in the field by 3-5 times?

The session of 21st from September would cover topics around in-app and side-by-side extensibility. It would also detail all the possibilities of extensions powered by SAP BTP and Crave InfoTech. These extensions can help companies simplify and streamline their asset, supply chain, financial, and performance management processes that are easy to follow and adopt.

Shrikant Nistane, CEO of Crave InfoTech, said, “It’s simple. These extensions reflect the ground realities of multiple industries. When these applications (extensions) are in the hands of technicians, these users can relate to business logic without worrying about technology. It’s an instant increase in efficiency and productivity.”

The roundtable would also guide its audience on things like how to get started and how to choose the optimal scalability scenarios.

The next 4e5eand 6e The roundtable would focus on topics such as SAP BTP digital technologies, KPI and API management, and digital dashboards/analytics.

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Crave InfoTech, based in Piscataway, New Jerseyis a fast-growing technology company with deep expertise in SAP Technology Platform (BTP), intelligent enterprise and enabling enterprise mobility with intelligent supply chain management solutions , smart asset management and smart warehouse management that are quick to deploy.

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