Digital communication is upon us: Rachana Chowdhary, Media Value Works

At the Indian Public Relations and Corporate Communications Conference 2021, Rachana Chowdhary, Founding Director, Media Value Works, shared her insights during a virtual session on ‘Communications management’.

She started the virtual presentation by highlighting how a challenge can be an opportunity for us. She said: “This should get us thinking about why we are saying this, what challenge are we talking about and what is the opportunity behind this statement? We are all influenced by someone, probably a leader , a political leader, business leader, business leader or anyone in our lives in any role A leader is someone who engages their stakeholders or influences their community.

She then shared her thoughts on “Do you really believe in your expertise in digital communication? She said: “The huge gathering here today at this session of the IPRCCC is made up of experts in content, design, strategy, narrative construction – it’s just in our DNA. We thrive and live off of it. How much does it cost, how well we do it, who we do it for – all of these issues are operational, but at the end of the day, it’s the DNA on which we thrive.

She further clarified, “We are heading into an era of digital communications, and the opportunities are upon us.”

“Most of the traditional organizations are transforming into new-age organizations and these are moving towards Web 3.0 etc. So it is imperative to take note of the challenges an organization or a leader is facing today such as the increasing age gap, decreasing role of middle managers and top leaders (including sales and marketing) investing significant time on strategic communications planning and more.”

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