Ford Bronco Raptor launches animations in GOAT mode

Created in part by former video game developers, the all-digital display captures the performance and personality of each GOAT (Goes Over Any Type of Terrain) mode.


The 2022 Bronco Raptor will include a dynamic display in a customizable 12-inch digital cluster that illustrates the optimization enabled by each driving mode.

The 12-inch screen includes a new feature called Performance View, which makes it easier to read information such as gear status and engine speed for off-road travel. Ford said the feature can be used with any mode, but is designed for high-speed off-road racing in Baja mode.

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“Performance View changes the driver’s impression of how to use the vehicle, with an intuitive layout that places the red line at the 12 o’clock position and uses a transmission avatar to really focus on optimizing the performance of the vehicle. conduct,” said Mark Sich. , head of digital design at Ford. “The goal is to provide the driver with important information as efficiently as possible.”

The same team that worked on the cluster also designed the 12-inch center console display, which includes a MyMode feature to save preferred steering, exhaust and suspension settings. The Bronco Raptor features SYNC 4 connected vehicle technology that learns customer preferences and enhances experiences such as automatically mapping their favorite trail. Ford said it can also use this learning ability to improve the vehicle with more and more capabilities over time.

The new Bronco Raptor digital cluster includes a GOAT Modes (Goes Over Any Type of Terrain) terrain management system featuring seven selectable riding modes designed by former video game developers. Using the GOAT Modes rotary dial mounted on the center console, drivers can switch between the available modes:

  • Normal: The digital cluster screen uses a blue to show the vehicle in an everyday driving scenario.
  • Sport: The cluster screen uses a red and white theme to show the vehicle in a track environment.
  • Towing/hauling: The party screen shows a vehicle towing a trailer whose gauges turn yellow.
  • Sliding: The cluster screen uses light blue to show a vehicle in rainy conditions.
  • Off road: The cluster display uses shades of brown to show that the Bronco Raptor is ready for muddy, rutted and uneven terrain, and that the four-wheel-drive lock is engaged.
  • Bass: The cluster screen uses orange highlights to show the vehicle rolling over a desert scene.
  • Walk in the rocks: The cluster screen shows the Bronco Raptor crawling slowly over the rocks.

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