How to save money with computer monitoring shared by an enterprise tech expert

When systems run slowly or services fail, productivity drops; and when problems affect the website, customers abandon transactions and the company’s reputation suffers. So keep your business running smoothly with IT monitoring to save money.

A New York-area enterprise technology consultant and managed service provider (MSP) identifies ways to save money with IT monitoring in a new article on the eMazzanti Technologies website. The informative article first claims that faulty websites, network downtime, and performance issues can cost organizations more than they realize.

The author goes on to explain how network monitoring provides 24/7 visibility into the network, helping IT staff quickly resolve performance issues, avoiding or reducing downtime. It explains how computer monitoring improves cybersecurity, helping to prevent costly security breaches. It concludes by explaining how IT monitoring improves customer experience, increases sales, and how to use IT monitoring to optimize business processes and proactively manage maintenance.

“When systems run slowly or services fail, productivity drops; and when problems affect the website, customers abandon transactions and the company’s reputation suffers,” said Almi Dumi, CISO, eMazzanti Technologies. “So keep your business running smoothly with IT monitoring to save money.”

Below are some excerpts from the article “How to save money with computer monitoring”.

Boost productivity

“Downtime can cost your organization thousands of dollars per minute in lost productivity. And according to a 2022 survey by Uptime, network issues have become the biggest contributing factor to downtime. Increasingly complex networks involving a hybrid of on-premises and cloud environments mean increased potential for outages.

Improve cybersecurity

“In addition to reducing downtime, IT monitoring plays an important role in protecting systems and data from hackers. Continuous monitoring can provide alerts for unsecured devices and suspicious activity that could indicate a vulnerability or attack. And thanks to AI, surveillance solutions can learn to recognize abnormal behavior almost immediately. Considering the cost of a small business data breach is around $3,000 per employee, increased cybersecurity is a great way to save money through IT monitoring.

Improve customer experience and increase sales

“IT monitoring improves the customer experience by keeping tabs on the performance of websites and customer-facing applications. For example, if a potential customer cannot make a purchase or has problems with the website, they may not return to your website. They will also likely talk with their friends and family about their bad experience.

Optimize business processes

“With business activity monitoring, companies use IT monitoring to better understand how various processes and services are using system resources. For example, by analyzing system data collected over time, strategists identify trends in user traffic or downloads in certain areas. They can then adapt their marketing and development efforts to take advantage of these models. »

Save Money with Computer Monitoring and Managed Network Services

Complex IT environments make IT monitoring essential. However, the process of optimizing monitoring solutions and dealing with lots of alerts can be overwhelming, especially for a small IT department. Contracting with a managed service provider can help.

With managed network services, businesses benefit from real-time, remote, 24/7 monitoring. At eMazzanti, a team of network and security professionals use world-class monitoring technology to help organizations optimize the network, detect potential issues before they affect the system, and reduce business risk. .

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