Look for the 2022 Enterprise Technology Winner


Ian Galt, Managing Director of Business Services at TSTT, presents Oliver Sabga, CEO of Term Finance, with the bmobile Business Technology Award 2019 at the TT Chamber of Industry Champions of Business. Term Finance will award the prize to the 2022 winner on November 24. Photo courtesy of TSTT. –

The winner of the 2022 Business Technology Award will be announced at the Champions of Business Awards Grand Finals and Cocktail Reception on November 24 at the National Academy for the Performing Arts.

The award will be given to an individual/company that has played a transformational role in the way technology is applied to businesses in TT. The selection jury would have identified this winner among the public applications received.

The Enterprise Technology category was introduced in 2018 and is aligned with one of TT’s fastest growing business areas. Due to its borderless nature, technology enables local businesses to have a presence and compete on the global stage. The award recognizes the important role technology plays in transforming our business landscape by celebrating a technology-driven company or individual that has created or delivered innovative technology solutions or services for new and existing market needs. This year, the award is given by Term Finance Ltd, a company that itself received the award in 2019, for being the first fully web-based lending institution.

The pandemic has accelerated the adoption of technology by businesses and individuals, having a transformative effect on the way we conduct our daily businesses and lives. Many companies have successfully pivoted, and in other cases, new vendors have seized the opportunity to enter the market. In this post-covid era, we can be certain of one thing: technology will continue to drive all facets of life around the world.

Interestingly, TT is one of the most digitally connected countries in the Caribbean. Of the total population, an estimated 1.09 million (or 77%) are connected to the internet, and of these, more than 98% access social media through mobile phones.

Most businesses maintain a website as well as a social media presence, and in the last couple of years in particular, many have established or improved their business operations online. Despite the country’s level of connectivity, the adoption of digital infrastructure and technologies has been low according to the Inter-American Development Bank’s 2021-2025 Country Strategy. The world of technology is developing at an ever-increasing rate and is bringing the word “globalization” to life in new and exciting ways. In fact, it can be argued that if it can be imagined, the technology of the future will be able to provide it.

The TT Chamber of Commerce and Industry has consistently advocated for the benefits of technology adoption after introducing the Enterprise Technology category at its annual flagship event – Champions of Business. Earlier this year, we had the pleasure of hosting Google Vice President Dr. Vinton Cerf, a founding pioneer of the Internet, to speak at our annual business meeting. And our Nova committee, during pandemic conditions, presented its webinar series – Beyond 2020: How to Survive and Thrive – an MSME roadmap for digital transformation, followed by two regional conferences: Bridging the digital divide – A virtual conference for SMBs in 2021 and the hybrid DigiMark – Hitting the Digital Mark earlier this year.

With the presentation of the award in 2022, the chamber will once again showcase a company that is a beacon for entrepreneurs both inside and outside the tech space, highlighting the benefits for community businesses across the country. .

The Champions of Business Awards program includes six categories: Entrepreneurship (sponsored by the TT Unit Trust Corporation); business technology (presented by Term Finance Ltd); Internationally Known… T&T Owned Company of the Year and Breakthrough Exporter (both sponsored by Eximbank of TT Ltd); Green Agenda and Business Hall of Fame (both sponsored by the National Gas Company of TT Ltd).

We invite you to join us on November 24 from 6:30-8:30 p.m. at NAPA for the reveal of the 2022 Commercial Technology winner and all other award recipients when we host our gala and cocktail reception. To RSVP, email: events@chamber.org.tt or call 637-6977 ext 1308.

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