This digital communication agency aims to become a one-stop solution for all marketing needs

Technology has changed the way we communicate with each other, both personally and professionally. The field of advertising, in particular, has undergone a profound change. A leading advertising agency, based in Chennai Furious communications has witnessed and adapted to this change over the past three decades.

“Our initial vision for the business was, and remains, to be able to deliver robust digital solutions for marketing and marketing communications. These have evolved in terms of nuances, taking into account the evolution of the digital environment across the spectrum of opportunities that have arisen over the past two decades,” the founders explain. Karthik Kumar and JRK Rao in a conversation with YS Weekender.

The genesis of the brand

Karthik has over 40 years of professional experience in the Indian market as it evolved into a freewheeling capitalist economy. He started his journey with some of the best marketing services in India including IMRB (now Kantar), before co-founding MARG (now Nielsen). He has worked extensively with clients in many multinational companies across multiple product categories.

He believes it’s the combination of his early knowledge of analytics and his background in advertising that has helped him provide his clients with sound advice on digital strategies that work.

JRK started his career with Rebroadcast Advertising and moved into management consulting in the early 90s before founding Rage Communications, where he is currently managing director.

An engineer from the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) and an MBA from the Indian Institute of Management (IIM), JRK has over 40 years of experience in advertising, marketing, projects and digital technologies. .

“We started in 1996 as a web design company and were among the first companies to provide this service in India. Over time, we have evolved from a design company to a digital marketing solutions company, with marketing strategy and technology execution being key pillars of the company’s offering. The core business remains so today. However, the company has kept pace and evolved as digital channels have metamorphosed across a wide range of technologies – including devices, programming frameworks, platforms, networks, and more. We offer a wider range of services as a necessary technological complement (such as vulnerability assessment, network management, etc.) and as basic solution providers (eg for the purposes of search advertising e-commerce platforms, marketing and sales platforms, etc.),” explains Karthik.

Although the head office is in Chennai, they also have offices in Melbourne, Mumbai, Singapore and Sydney. Through their partner ADK, they also have offices in Asia-Pacific, Europe and the United States.

Recent projects

Having experience in several fields, the Rage Communications team has done interesting work over the years.

JRK highlights the recent campaign to Tata Engines who eschewed conventional media in creating engagement with their primary stakeholders – truck drivers – using a medium they identified with, namely WhatsApp.

“Using WhatsApp and the digital web and social media ecosystem, we launched a campaign called ‘Photo OK, Please’ to drive engagement with truckers. The program has seen the active participation of over 50,000 truckers and has been extended to over four million citizens in India,” he shares.

Another campaign in Sydney allowed people to personalize their Magnum ice creams with their choice of flavors and toppings via a mobile web application before they reached the point of sale. The promotion saved users from being disappointed later, while saving time and reducing waste.

The team created e-commerce platforms. Their services in this sector relate to both store development and digital marketing.

Over the years, they have developed bespoke e-commerce stores as well as those built on other platforms like Drupal Commerce, Magento, Shopify, WooCommerce, etc.. They don’t just create a storefront, but also work to incorporate backend activities such as tax calculation, forex conversions, shipment tracking, marketing dashboards, and more.

They have created e-commerce platforms for a wide range of product categories, including fashion, bed and bath linens, apparel, games, food, and others.

Challenges and growth

“Retraining and upgrading have been our biggest challenges. As digital evolves, new technologies and new paradigms continue to emerge. So the expertise of yesterday is no longer relevant today and people in the creative, strategy and technology spheres must also evolve or be left behind,” says Karthik.

Their resolve to scale and dedication seem to have paid off, as evidenced by the fact that they started with an initial investment of Rs 3 million and have increased considerably. Over the years, the profits of the company have been continuously reinvested in the company, and the current capital used in the company is more than Rs 12 million.

The digital advertising industry across India had a market size of around Rs 199 billion in FY 2020 – vs. 47 billion rupees in 2015. This figure is expected to reach around Rs 539 billion by FY 2024, indicating strong growth in the industry segment, according to data published on Established players like Rage Communications have the biggest slice of the pie.

“Our competition ranges from network agencies and big tech companies to boutique agencies and the neighborhood DTP store, not to mention the odd family ‘tween computer prodigy’ who can create websites and develop apps. Yet very few of them have a complete view of the application from a business perspective and fail to drive positive business results,” JRK shares.

The founders highlight three significant differences between them and other players in the field. Unlike others in the industry, they provide complete solutions to their customers, rather than just providing manpower to code or deliver a project. This allowed them to have a deep understanding of their customers’ preferences, which helped to speed up the time and speed of execution. For customers operating in multiple countries, this is a benefit as standards are maintained consistently across all markets. Plus, because they’ve worked with some clients for extended periods of time, their institutional knowledge provides reassurance even when brands undergo internal staff transitions.

“As well as providing robust solutions, we believe these are the reasons clients like AMP, Citibank, JLL, MasterCard, Sterling Holidays, Tata Motors, Unilever and others consistently choose to work with us,” share the founders.

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