Venus Aerospace unveils hypersonic spaceplane design

Venus has since raised more than $33 million for its hypersonic space plane.

Venus Aerospace

Venus Aerospace, a startup developing hypersonic aircraft, introduced the “Stargazer”, the company’s first concept vehicle.

Venus’ vehicle engineering team has been working on this iteration since the company’s inception in 2020. Backed by leading venture capitalists and with $1 million in government funding, Venus has since raised over $33 million to build a Mach 9 hypersonic drone and a Mach 9 spaceplane, both capable of a one-hour global trip.

Venus has a dedicated and experienced team of aerospace, military, and research and development veterans pushing the boundaries of high-speed transportation. Venus recently announced its $20 million Series A, led by Prime Movers Lab. The team is maturing its three core technologies: a next-generation zero-emission rocket engine, an innovative aircraft shape and cooling, which enables the spaceplane to take off from existing spaceports, using the existing infrastructure.

Over the past year, Venus has evolved rapidly. Venus designed and built its technology demonstration engine, performed key experiments in hypersonic wind tunnels and propulsion test facilities across the United States, and launched a ground test campaign at Spaceport Houston. Over the next year, Venus will begin subsonic and supersonic flight testing of a full-scale drone.

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