Why your emails end up in spam revealed by an enterprise tech expert

To ensure future email marketing campaigns deliver results, find out why your emails end up in spam folders. Then follow some basic guidelines to help you stay in the inbox and promote customer engagement.

A New York-area enterprise technology consultant and email deliverability expert explains why enterprise marketing emails end up in spam in a new article on the eMazzanti Technologies website. The informative article first lists six reasons why emails end up in spam, including violation of anti-spam laws, design issues, outdated mailing list, and links and attachments .

The author then discusses steps to improve email deliverability, such as obtaining authorization before sending and including an unsubscribe option. She also urges readers to follow best practices for email copy and design, perform regular mailing list maintenance, and ensure proper authentication.

“To ensure future email marketing campaigns deliver results, find out why your emails end up in spam folders,” said Jennifer Mazzanti, CEO of eMazzanti Technologies. “Then follow some basic guidelines to help you stay in the inbox and promote customer engagement.”

Below are some excerpts from the article “Why your emails end up in spam…and how to keep them in the inbox”.

6 reasons why emails end up in spam

“Users hate spam. Consequently, governments and courier services began to crack down. Spam filters not only look at the structure of the email itself, but also the identity of the sender and previous engagement rates. If your emails keep going to the spam box, one of the following may prove the reason. »

1. “You violated anti-spam laws – Federal Trade Commission (FTC) rules require that marketing emails include an unsubscribe option. In addition, origin lines and subject lines must be accurate and relevant, and the email must include a legitimate physical address.

2. “Your email looks spammy – Certain design and copy elements will alert spam filters. This includes poor spelling or grammar, and the use of too many images or trigger words such as ‘free gift’ or ‘make money’.

Obtain permission before sending

“Never send unsolicited emails. This means recipients must first give permission. Many companies include a checkbox when users create an account. Also, pop-up forms on a page website landing page or product page allow potential customers to sign up to receive emails.Resist the temptation to buy mailing lists.

Hire email deliverability experts

Email plays an important role in the marketing strategy of companies. Choosing the right email tools and services helps secure business reputation and get the most out of email marketing. Contact the email experts at eMazzanti Technologies today to improve email deliverability and security.

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